Were You Harmed By a Dangerous Medicine in Los Angeles?

Did one of the following drugs cause you or a loved one harm? If so, the Los Angeles dangerous medicines attorneys at The Los Angeles Auto Accident Attorneys may be able to help you recover compensation for your injuries. Contact us to discuss your case regarding:

  • Chantix
  • Keppra Generic
  • Zyprexa
  • Accutane
  • Fen-Phen
  • Ephedra
  • Reglan
  • Actos


Chantix: Did you or a loved one take this medication to quit smoking and as a result battle thoughts of suicide? Chantix (USA), Champix (other countries) or Varenicline (generic) are used to treat smoking addictions, but have possibly caused depression and suicidal thoughts in some cases.

Keppra Generic: The generic form of Keppra, also known as Levetiracetam, is an anti-epileptic drug used to treat seizures in both adults and children. When a patient switches from the brand name of Keppra to the generic version they are likely to have an increase in seizures. There have been many cases reported in which, shortly after switching to the generic Levetiracetam, the patient experienced a seizure when they had not experienced one for months. It can be devastating for a patient who hasn’t had a seizure in months or years to have a single break-through seizure. Overwhelming consequences can result, such as severe injuries, loss of driver’s license, and death.

Zyprexa: Until recently, Zyprexa was the primary pharmaceutical treatment for schizophrenia and a best-selling product for its manufacturer. The manufacturer has been accused of misleading users about the effectiveness of the drug and its potentially harmful side-effects, particularly diabetes.

Accutane: Once a popular acne treatment, the drug can cause birth defects in pregnant women and depression and suicide in adolescents.

Fen-Phen: These diet drugs have damaged heart valves in some patients, resulting in heart and lung disease.

Ephedra: This dietary supplement, now withdrawn from the market, has been shown to raise blood pressure and cause heart problems.

Reglan: If you have taken Reglan and were diagnosed with Tardive Dyskinesia, call us. The FDA recently required Reglan to include a black box warning about Tardive Dyskinesia. This condition has symptoms that include the following: involuntary and repetitive movements like blinking, tongue thrusting, finger movements and head jerking. These symptoms are rarely reversible. The FDA advised physicians to avoid long-term use of Reglan because there is an increased risk for harm for those who take Reglan for a long period of time or are elderly, especially older women. Any use of Reglan over three months is considered dangerous.

Actos: This medication is prescribed to treat Type 2 diabetes, but the FDA has recently approved updated warnings. If you took Actos before the updated warning in June 2011, and have been using Actos for more than one year, you need an attorney. In Germany and France regulators suspended the use of the drug altogether. Call us if you have had problems taking any of the following: Actos, Actoplus, Actoplus Met XR, or Duetact.

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