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Did one of the following heart medicines or cholesterol-lowering drugs cause you injury? If you or a loved one suffered harm after taking the drugs Pradaxa, Crestor or Baycol, the Denver dangerous medicines attorneys at The Los Angeles Auto Accident Attorneys may be able to help you recover compensation for your injuries.


Pradaxa, also known as Dabigatron, was approved by the FDA to reduce the risk of strokes and blood clots in people who have atrial fibrillation. However, it has been found that there is a significantly increased risk that a bleeding event will turn fatal in patients taking Pradaxa.

Despite this risk of bleeding to death while taking the drug, minimal information regarding the dangers of taking Pradaxa was provided to patients. Investigations are still underway, but if you have any further questions or concerns about Pradaxa please call The Los Angeles Auto Accident Attorneys.


AstraZeneca manufactures the drug Crestor, used to reduce cholesterol in the blood. The FDA approved Crestor in August of 2003, and since then there have been several warnings issued about adverse events involving the drug.

Crestor is a type of drug called a statin. In 2009, The Lancet published an article that suggests statins like Crestor can cause serious heart muscle problems, like cardiomyopathy. This is a condition where the heart muscle deteriorates and patients may have difficulty breathing, rapid heartbeat, swelling of the feet or ankles, and other problems.


Some patients who took this cholesterol-lowering drug have suffered severe muscle reactions and kidney damage.

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